Thursday, 29 March 2012

Birthday fabric loot - FINALLY!

I've been using my birthday money to buy fabrics (of course).  Since I'm in Canada, shipping and customs can end up costing more than the fabrics.  Luckily, I have family in the US that let me ship to them.  However, that means I have to wait for a family member (aka fabric mule) to go a trip before they can bring my purchases which can take a month or two. But of course it was worth the wait!

A rainbow of Robert Kaufman's Metro living circles squares:
 Some Tufted Tweets:
 1001 Peeps (to add to the other prints I already have):
 Some random fun fabrics from timeless treasures:

 I love Tula pink so I'm happy to have some prince charming:

I'm planning on a quilt for my bed with white/grey/yellow fabrics (and you can't go wrong with some Echo and Joel Dewberry) so I'm building my stash for that:

Yah!  :)

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