Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One gift down, a gazillion to go

I am a part of a gift exchange for work.  Since the co-worker whose named I drew is also a mom to an active toddler, I decided on a relaxation theme.  Of course, I had to include something handmade.  Being short on time, I needed something quick and easy.  I had some minky scraps left from the infant carseat canopy I made and I recently bought a scrap pack online that included some beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric.  I quickly whipped up this eye mask using this prudent baby tutorial:

I wish I had a dark coloured elastic, but I just used what I had on hand.  The tutorial was great but I would add that it is important to make sure that the placement of the elastic matches on either side (i.e. fold mask in half width-wise to compare).  The marking on the pattern for the elastic placement is not exact.  I eye-balled the placement within the markings and the elastic ended up being half inch higher on one side than the other (ugh!).  Of course I only noticed this after I finished top stitching (double ugh) so I had to dig out the elastic on one side and move it so it is a bit wonky there but it is not terribly noticeable (I hope).  I still love the way it turned out.  The minky side is so soft and the cotton side is great for when the weather is warmer.  Now I just have to get some bubble bath and some wine.

I will probably be making a few more of these masks for gifts, since they use up scraps and are super cute.  It feels good to be able to tick one item off of the long list of gifts I plan on making...hope this gives me some momentum since Dec. 1 is just a day away (yikes)!

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