Monday, 5 December 2011

Thift store fabrics

I love vintage fabrics.  Going to thrifts stores to look for these treasures are one of my favourite things to do (along with looking for vintage pyrex).  It's more than just vintage sheets though, there is a lot of unused fabric...from quilting cottons, flannels, apparel to home decor.  Here are a few of my recent finds:
 I think this one is so cool.  Here are a few closeups of these chic ladies:

My plan is to use it to make a large beach bag so that it showcases the print, which is very large scale.

I love the hilarious monkeys in this one:
I think this guy is my favourite:
The selvage says it's "Monkey Toile" by C.E. Tausch.  I was curious about the age of the fabric and the designer but a quick google search didn't get me anywhere.

Modern designer fabrics are great, but I like adding some more unique (and inexpensive) pieces to my stash as well. :)

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